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Gravity (MEBB)
Rated: M
WC: 11,128
Kaidan Alenko
Returning to Vancouver after BAaT isn't what he entirely expected - everything is different and still the same. The skyline is heavy, grey and tired - much like the weight on Kaidan's shoulders, the edge of his mother's temples and his father's eyes.
Inculcate (MEBB)
Rated: Teen
WC: 118,077
FShep x Kaidan
Mindoir, to Akuze and head first into the end of the world - an exploration of Infiltrator Shepard in pre and post battle snippets and drabbles from pre-ME to ME3. An intimate look on how she turns from caring only for her own survival to transforming herself into the saviour of the galaxy.
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Hello, Mass Effect Fandom! Modbutt is happy to announce that N7Positive has reached the 500 follower mark! Thank you so much! Modbutt could not do it without your lovely submissions.

To celebrate, modbutt has decided to do a small giveaway!


  • Winner #1 will receive a custom Mass Effect-related digital flats commission from kamidoodles.

  • Winner #2 will receive a custom Mass Effect-related coloured w/ simple shading commission from bootylicious-biotic.

Now, because of tumblr’s updated contest and giveaway rules, modbutt cannot use any “social feature” as a means to submit entries. You are, however, still more than welcome to spread the word about N7Positive and this giveaway, and you are definitely more than welcome to follow!


  • No giveaway blogs
  • Must be a part of the Mass Effect fandom
  • That’s it!

Contest Ends: May 14th, 2014, at 12:00AM PST / -8GMT

Winners will be selected randomly from N7Positive’s follower list at the end of the contest period.

Modbutt thanks everyone who has submitted positive thoughts and contributed to uplifting the fandom. This blog wouldn’t be successful without your contributions, so keep sending them in! (:

Get in loser, we’re atma farming

To start with the conclusion, almost all of the comments in the Japanese diary post are people who have tested the method and can confirm that it is indeed working. Many of them have been farming for days without luck and have obtained multiple Atma within hours of trying this.

Just to help out with the translation a bit:

The idea is that all Atma have specific drop times, indicated by the list below:

Atma of the MAIDEN - Central Shroud - 1:00

Atma of the SCORPION - Southern Thanalan - 2:00

Atma of the WATER BEARER - Upper La Noscea - 3:00

Atma of the GOAT - East Shroud - 4:00

Atma of the BULL - Eastern Thanalan - 5:00

Atma of the RAM - Middle La Noscea - 6:00

Atma of the TWINS - Western Thanalan - 7:00

Atma of the LION - Outer La Noscea - 8:00

Atma of the FISH - Lower La Noscea - 9:00

Atma of the ARCHER - North Shroud - 10:00

Atma of the SCALES - Central Thanalan - 11:00

Atma of the CRAB - Western La Noscea - 12:00

AM/PM is irrelevant. The time appears to be local time, not server or Eorzea time.


I feel like an asshole lmao yes that’s a gyshal green on a fishing pole bahahaha

Fat Chocobo mount is the best fucking thing ever. Also Day’hala is a nerd who really can’t pick up ladies. 

  • Sexuality: Luciano Costa's butt wiggle.


Luciano Costa cosplays as Kaidan Alenko at Pax East 2014. (video)

He wiggles his ass. He knows our weakness!!

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Shepard, you’ll find a way to win. I know it. And when you do, I’ll be waiting.
Greatest challenge of my life. And the greatest reward.

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The Mass Effect Cosplay Initiative (Set 4/4) (1, 2, 3)

Keythe Farley, Thane’s voice actor

Rana McAnear, Samara / Morinth face model

Kimberly Brooks, Ashley’s voice actor

Luciano Costa, Kaidan’s face model

Looking good Mr Costa!


Anyone who makes fun of fanfiction has never read really good fanfiction.

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GOOD MORNING TUMBLERS! So who’s in town for Pax?! See you in a few hours. Here’s a quick preview. Don’t you love my blow dryer pistol and hot glue gun? Lol