The Kaidan Butt Brigade
34 - Female, Gamer, Writer, Wife, Mom to two kids. A blog about Kaidan's biotic booty, Alistair's perfection and anything else that fits my fancy. I like pixelated butts, I write and post lots of NSFW. This is not a spoiler free blog. I will try to tag.
Gravity (MEBB)
Rated: M
WC: 11,128
Kaidan Alenko
Returning to Vancouver after BAaT isn't what he entirely expected - everything is different and still the same. The skyline is heavy, grey and tired - much like the weight on Kaidan's shoulders, the edge of his mother's temples and his father's eyes.
Inculcate (MEBB)
Rated: Teen
WC: 118,077
FShep x Kaidan
Mindoir, to Akuze and head first into the end of the world - an exploration of Infiltrator Shepard in pre and post battle snippets and drabbles from pre-ME to ME3. An intimate look on how she turns from caring only for her own survival to transforming herself into the saviour of the galaxy.
This is Emily Wong.
Rated: T
WC: 22,354
Emily Wong
Did she have any regrets? Yeah, she had plenty of them. She never got to interview the Commander for one thing, she was supposed to next week. Maybe she’ll read this once she gets Earth back from Hell.

Emily Wong - Go on. Make your noise. Try to scare us.You want to see how a human dies? At ramming speed.

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